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Q. Hello Darren, I wanted to reach out to you after reading the unfortunate story pertaining to Mr. Willet and sharing it with my brothers at our fire station. Darren don't you worry about a thing. We are all of the same opinion up here and that is your are a class act and will lead your team in the same manner. May this week be a great adventure for both teams. Your brothers across the pond, Matt Brian Chris Luke C-shift

Matt colbert

Q. All the very best to the team and yourself for the next few days.Hope you have a nice fat cigar with you!👍

neil cassie

Q. I am a Ryder Cup fan and truly think it is the best sporting event we have in modern day sports. I have really admired your press conferences at this years Ryder Cup. You are a tremendous spokesman for the game of golf and for the Ryder Cup. Though I will be there on Sunday rooting for Team USA I do wish you and your team the best of luck. I have truly admired you as a professional and even more now as Europe's Team Captain.

Tim Karn

Q. Darren this is not a question. We want to wish you all the luck in the world at the Ryder Cup. We know that you can win and we hope this is the year. Your fans from Canada.

Marianne Laird

Q. Goodluck in 2017 you are an inspiration .


Q. Hi Darren, After watching the show on your magnificent Open win I just wanted to congratulate you on your career so far and your inspiring story. What has been the most difficult part of your incredible weight loss? Good luck to you and the team in the Ryder Cup! Peter

Peter Whyte

A. Hi Peter, thanks so much for the kind words, much appreciated. Interesting question! I guess the most difficult parts are twofold - the first being actually starting the regime in the first place and secondly, trying to stick to it! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Darren. I'm in Winston Salem right now dropping off my son to Wake!! I'm from Dublin living in Florida for last 20 years. Just wanted to wish you every success in Hazeltine. Ryder cup is my favorite sports event in the world!!

Philip meagher

A. Good luck to your son, he'll have a great time! Many thanks for the good wishes. Regards, Darren.

Q. Hey Darren i am a big fan for menny years now im from Denmark ;) my quistion is is it possibolt to buy The all red Taylormade Tour bag that Tour have i Himmerland some where and sorry my english. And good luck In The Ryder cup go Europe 💪💪💙💙

Morten vinther

A. Hi Morten, thanks for the message, these are a special edition tour bag and unfortunately are not available to purchase. Thanks for your great support, Darren.

Q. Hello Darren. I'd love to know what length driver you play. Thanks.


A. Hi Serge, my Driver is 45.5". All the best, DC

Q. Not really a question but would like to send my best wishes to one of my favorite golfers over my golfing life. As a low marker and a member of the Australian Navy I get limited time to play these days. I was sent down memory lane with your British Open segment on Fox tv and hold you in high regard in the golfing world. Well done and all the best to you and your family in the future. I know I'm Aussie but all the best for the ryder cup. Regards Brett.

Brett Bishop

A. Thanks for that Brett, much appreciated. All the best, Darren.

Q. Hello Darren, I have got an easy question for you. What is your favourite Drink after a round of golf. All the best, Pete

Peter Ward

A. Hi Peter, well there's a few! Hendricks and Slimline, a pint of the black stuff, or if on holiday a Sea Breeze goes down well! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Congratulations on your performance in the Open. Forty-something is the new thirty! We all have our targets (I'm trying to shoot my age - 72 - and I shot 73 recently). In case you hadn't noticed, here's a very positive stat for September from the last round of the Open: there were ten pairings with an American and a European resulting in two "halves" and eight Euro-winners! Best regards, Terry

Terry Wall

A. Hi Terry, thanks for the mail, loving those stats, especially forty-something is the new thirty! I've started using an outfit called the 15th Club to highlight stats for the Ryder Cup and as you're obviously a stat man you might like to take a look at their website which is Keep at it with the quest to shoot your age, being one out must have been very frustrating! Good luck, DC.

Q. Hello Darren, Not so much a question but a comment. Saw a program about you on The Golf Channel about Champions of the Open Championship. What a fantastic show and what a fantastic champion. Moreso, what a fantastic man. When my grandson, Jason, is old enough to understand sports and golf I'll try to encourage him to love the game as you do. Best wishes with the Ryder Cup. I guess I do have a question, have you ever thought of getting a book together on golf and life?

Dick Butler

A. Hi Dick, thanks for the compliments and good to hear you enjoyed the show. I have done a couple of books, the most recent one being an autobiography called An Open Book which I'm sure you would enjoy reading. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Not a question but a comment - just watched your "chronicles of a champion golfer" segment and I just want to say thank you!


Q. Hello Mr. Clarke! Since this year's Ryder Cup is in the United States, how do you explain to first time European Cup golfers the adrenaline, the nerves and the emotions of their first tee shot and the excitement to represent your country? Thank you for your time.

Johnny Mac

A. Hi Johnny Thanks for your enquiry and one I'm happy to answer. Your point is one I looked at very early in my captaincy because I don't want any of Europe's players to arrive in Hazeltine to face any surprises. To that end, I have spoken to all the potential rookies at length and also took nine of them out for dinner at this year's Players Championship in Florida. Rory McIlroy joined us and all the first-timers hung on his every word. We impressed on them exactly what they are going to encounter - like nothing else they have experienced in their entire careers. I told them when I was in their position on the first tee I didn't know if I was going to top it, shank it or even hit it. I think they all left the meeting knowing what to expect. I'm sure they'll all be ready come the week. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, Firstly good luck at the Ryder cup keep the run going. Could you let me know how you have managed to lose the weight you look great. I have a bad back and a bit restricted to the amount of exercise I can do. Cheers Paul

Paul O'Brien

A. Hi Paul, thanks for the message and good luck wishes. I use the Educogym system and with this you concentrate on one muscle group per session so can leave out certain areas to suit your mobility restrictions. This works really well alongside a good diet and recommended supplements. Good luck, DC

Q. Good luck in Augusta Darren.

James Parker

A. Thanks James, looking forward to the week. All the best, Darren.

Q. I noticed new lamkin grips from a witb segment from valspar.When did you shift to those? Best wishes in 2016 and the Ryder Cup

bill keown

A. Hi Bill, have been using these for ages so no changes on this front in a good while. Thanks for the good wishes. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, Ryder cup captain wow what an honour, will Alison be helping with the choosing of what the guys will be wearing over that weekend?

Joan johnson

A. Hi Joan, yes it most certainly is an honour and I really am looking forward to September. I am sorting out what the guys are wearing and Alison will be looking after the ladies and what they will be wearing. Cheers, Darren

Q. I will be at the Ryder Cup rooting for USA however have to admit it's difficult to root against Darren. Also lost my first wife to breast cancer and have followed your career for years. Class act and true professional.

Jim Parker

A. Thanks for that Jim, should be a great match with great support from both sides. All the best, Darren.

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