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Q. Just heard you may be opening a restaurant on Hilton Head. Is this true? If so, sounds great.


A. Hi David, absolutely true and really looking forward to it although it's more of a bar than a restaurant. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Is it true that you plan to open an Irish Pub on Hilton Head, South Carolina? Hope so and hope you'll return to the Heritage in April.

Don Calhoon

A. Yes Don! The rumours are true and it's something I'm really looking forward to. All the best, Darren.

Q. Not a question. Just read the piece in Global Golf Post. You did your best but the putts fell against you. You can't control that. I've been a fan (from the US) throughout your career. Every shot at The Open I'm screaming at the TV for your ball to get the right bounce, stop, go, get in the hole. It was superb and vintage "Darren". Be proud. You did well and only got caught on the off year. Continue playing. Be well. You'll always have a US fan here!

George Young

Q. No question but apologies for the poor behavior by a few. I am proud of the European team (and the US team of course) and truly enjoyed the golf. I grew up attending the Masters near my home and the behaviors exhibited there is how all golf patrons should act. If possible pass on to the team from an American fan of golf.

Mike Ellis

Q. Mr. Clarke, please accept my apologies for the behavior of a large handful of classless morons cheering for the USA. I was sick with shame. Since golf is gaining wider popularity over here, we have our work cut out to re establish the traditions and civility of the Sport of Kings. Blessings to you and the team.

Kathy Leicester

Q. No Question Darren just to say what a fantastic 3 days of sport played at the highest level by two great teams.. Of course disappointing too loose but you skippered like a true gent and and all European fans should be proud of you and the team. Roll on France in 2 Years !!!

Mark Freeman

Q. Darren You and the Ryder Cup team have nothing to be ashamed of in defeat. It was a thrilling Ryder Cup with some extremely brilliant matches and it was great to watch. Its a shame we lost but you and your team represented Europe with class as always and your labour will bear fruit in Paris in two years time with the blooding of so many rookies. Good luck for the future and thank you for representing the true spirit of golf. Neal Donlan

Neal Donlan

Q. Mr Clarke, I apologise for the few classless American fans at the Ryder matches this weekend. You sir are true gentleman of the game. Please remember you are and always will be greatly respected in the US. Your friend Patrick Higa

Patrick Higa

Q. No question, just a comment. Wish I could have seen the Ryder Cup matches this year - if only to see all the great golf/golfers. I wouldn't have necessarily been cheering for the USA team - just enjoying all the action and the sportsmanship. Pity Arnold Palmer had to pass away when he did - isn't it? from Ken Nelson in St. Paul, Minnesota

Ken Nelson

Q. Darren, Your professionalism and pure class displayed throughout the 2016 Ryder Cup was admirable to say the least. The manner in which you handled your team and yourself showed your true character. Many of us inside and outside your profession can learn a great deal from your leadership of Team Europe. Best of luck in all your endeavors! Tim Pigott MacGregor Golf Tour Rep 2000 - 2003

Tim Pigott

Q. On behalf of all Americans that have an ounce of sportsmanship, apologies to you and your team for the behavior of the American crowds. Not forgive able. May God bless you and your family.

David Radulovic

Q. Not a question, a statement. The ryder cup was fantastic. The reason I don't go to, or watch most sporting events is because of the ignorant people that show up. I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2004. You have picked up the pieces very nicely. Still glad we won, but, we need to make some kind of class instruction required in order to buy a ticket to ANY event. The same people who did this also do it at football games and those are ALL American Well Done!

Steven Snyder

Q. Always have been a fan of yours but you made the sporting world and Arnie proud with your sportsman ship and grace while leading the European team.

Tom Rose

Q. Hello Darren, Thank you for what you have done for golf and the Ryder Cup. Everything about you is class! I know it was not the result you wanted and I hope you get another chance to lead Europe. Hope to see you again at Jack's course in Dublin, Ohio in the future. Robert Hawley Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio

Robert Hawley

Q. Dear Mr. Clarke, I would like to sincerely apologize to you, your vice captains and the entire European team for the uncalled for behavior of a select few of my countrymen. It was totally uncalled for and certainly not in the spirit for which this competition was founded. I watched every moment from the opening tee shot to the final putt being holed. It was a wonderful display of the talent and passion that both teams have for this great game. It was just a shame that a small representation took it upon themselves to try and ruin a great event. I wish you and your team the best for the future. I am already looking forward to 2018. Best Regards, Tom

Thomas Gabbie

Q. No question, just a comment. I want to first apologize for the rude behavior of some of the U.S.A. fans. The spirit of the Ryder Cup is to cheer for both teams to play their best. I believe we did see that this week. Your squad handled themselves tremendously and I want to thank them and you for providing one of the best exhibitions of golf, I have ever witnessed.

Tom Eardley

Q. When spectators cheered when a member of the European team hit a wayward shot, I cringed as I sat watching a great event between two fine teams. What has happened to the tradition of sportsmanship, civility and respect that has been the foundation of our game? For years, professional golf was one of the last major sports where spectators maintained a degree of decorum and respectful admiration for the competitors. I fear that this recent spectacle is just the forerunner for even more bad behavior from a small group of rowdy, ignorant U.S. fans. I doubt any of them actually play the game - they would know better if they did. Along with many others who have written to you, I apologize for their conduct. Please share all of the comments of support you are receiving with all of your team members - I want them to know not all of us are ugly Americans.

Jim Grant

Q. Mr. Clarke, After listening to your interviews and commentary during the Ryder Cup, I want to say you are a #1 Class Act! I apologize for our fans who don't respect the game or players, they are not the majority. Stay Classy my Friend!

Bob Stanley

Q. I have no question, I just want to apologise for the way American people acted at the Ryder cup were not all like that. Great match

Drake Cochran

Q. No question, just comments. I have added Darren Clarke to my list of people I would most like to meet and have a conversation with. EVERY time I hear him speak I hear a very classy and thoughtful gentleman. I have always thought this but after the 2016 Ryder Cup it is even more evident. I deeply respect the man I see and hear each time he is interviewed. Through good times and bad he is a person to be admired. Thank you Darren for being such a role model in this day and age of prima donna athletes. Thanks for being gracious in your post Ryder Cup comments even though some of our American fans were not as kind. I apologize to you and the entire European team for the few Americans that were disrespectful and hope that all Americans are not judged by those few. Very well done Darren.

Duane James

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