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Feel free to ask me anything from life on tour to my interests away from the sport.

Q. Good luck in Augusta Darren.

James Parker

A. Thanks James, looking forward to the week. All the best, Darren.

Q. I noticed new lamkin grips from a witb segment from valspar.When did you shift to those? Best wishes in 2016 and the Ryder Cup

bill keown

A. Hi Bill, have been using these for ages so no changes on this front in a good while. Thanks for the good wishes. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, Ryder cup captain wow what an honour, will Alison be helping with the choosing of what the guys will be wearing over that weekend?

Joan johnson

A. Hi Joan, yes it most certainly is an honour and I really am looking forward to September. I am sorting out what the guys are wearing and Alison will be looking after the ladies and what they will be wearing. Cheers, Darren

Q. I will be at the Ryder Cup rooting for USA however have to admit it's difficult to root against Darren. Also lost my first wife to breast cancer and have followed your career for years. Class act and true professional.

Jim Parker

A. Thanks for that Jim, should be a great match with great support from both sides. All the best, Darren.

Q. Hello Darren, my husband & I have lived Philadelphia for 28 years but are both originally from co. Tyrone. I'm from Dungannon and he is from Coalisland. I also went to the University of Ulster and lived in Portstewart during my college days in the early 80's. As soon as we heard you would Captain the Ryder Cup Euro Team, I immediately registered for tickets. I'm delighted that we will be attending on Thursday, Sat & Sun. We are beyond excited to be able to be there to support you and the team. Just wanted to congratulate you & wish you all the best. Can't wait & maybe we will get a chance to say hello if we see you during the practice round on Thursday. Take care Tracey & Turlough Harte 🍀🍾⛳️

Tracey Harte

A. Thanks so much for the lovely message Tracey and it's fantastic that you got tickets. It promises to be a brilliant match and it'll be great to have some home support over at Hazeltine. All the best, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, I'm visiting Bushmills Inn from 3 -5.3.16 planning to bring my clients from Austria to your beautiful part of the world, apart from the famous Golf Course I will visit, what sightseeing attraction would you recommend? And, are you in Town for a Pint of Guinnes? Good Luck in your Ryder Cup Captaincy year. Rod R...

Rod Richards..PGA Member

A. Hi Rod, great place for a holiday and I'd suggest taking a look at the Giant's Causeway which is very close by and also the Bushmills Distillery. And for a great pint of Guinness, the Harbour Bar in Portrush is the place to go. Unfortunately I won't be there then but hope you enjoy your time. All the best, Darren.

Q. Darren, Congratulations on the Captaincy, like to watch your swing, timing and all, curious as to what shafts you use in your new TP irons.

Michael McGarry

A. Hi Michael, I've just got some Nippon Modus shafts in my irons and really like the feel of them so think they will be keepers! All the best, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, Congrats to you and the lads on winning the Eurasia Cup. We once had a fun exchange in Bahrain when you teamed up with Colin Montgomerie and Miguel Jimenez (4th hole actually). I would like to know the brand of your sunglasses and you look very cool wearing them? All the very best, Steve

Steve Moye

A. Hi Steve, thanks for the message - was a great win at the EurAsia Cup we all really enjoyed the event. I do believe I was sporting a pair of Tom Fords during that week! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi,I've always regripped when fading/slicing or hooking, but lately I've found it's maybe preferable to manipulate my hands. Can you tell me how you move the ball and why?

Mark Bowers

A. Hi Mark, manipulation of the hands is not a way that I would really try and shape the ball as it makes the timing so critical. I would tend to use more alignment of feet, shoulders and clubface as a more reliable way to create shape. The course you are playing on dictates as to what type of shot and shape you use. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, I've taken inspiration from your weight loss, and new look. I've now started myself, one question though, when you train, do you concentrate on one muscle group per session, or mix it up? Matt

Matt Sheen

A. Hi Matt, always good to be an inspiration! I use the Educogym system and with this you concentrate on one muscle group per session. This works really well alongside a good diet and recommended supplements. Good luck, DC

Q. Hi Darren, my name is Jon Ferguson I started to play golf when I was eight years old and I enjoy it very much. I'm 46 years now I play golf for special Olympics in The USA and I won a gold medal down state. What kind of golf ball do you use in Tournaments. I enjoy watching you play golf you are real good. God bless you, your fan Jon Ferguson.

Jon Ferguson

A. Hi Jon, thanks for the question but firstly congratulations on winning a gold medal in the USA Special Olympics, what a fantastic achievement. I use TaylorMade Golf Balls and the one I'm currently using is a Tour Preferred X and they are all numbered 60 which was my lowest round! Kind Regards, Darren.

Q. Helle Darren, just to let you know it was a pleaesure watching you yesterday in Made In Denmark. Especially hole #6 and the birdie:) Just to let you know I was the spectator who used my back head catch your drive that has gone left.. and following made the ball bounch back on the fairway:) lucky for both of us I think. Have a great round today and enjoy Made in Denmark. My head is ok:)

Peter Mouritsen

A. Hi Peter, thanks so much for the header back on to the fairway, much appreciated and I'm delighted to hear that you're ok after my misguided shot. What a fantastic tournament in Denmark and the crowds were amazing. I think there'll be serious excitement at the event next year when it's the last counting event for my European Ryder Cup team! Looking forward to it already. Regards, Darren.

Q. Darren, we plan to eat at a couple of the Ramore Restaurant's next Monday and Tuesday night...hopefully we'll be lucky to see you and share a Pint with you!

Jeff Taylor

A. Hi Jeff, good choice, the restaurants are brilliant and you can be assured of a great time which ever ones you choose. Enjoy yourselves! All the best, Darren

Q. Hello Darren, I was watching Live from the PGA the other day and I noticed that you have a different grip while you were hitting your irons. What was the reason behind the change? How long have you been using it? I guess that it has helped your game. Have a great round today.


A. Hi Michael, well spotted! The left below right is a practice drill that I use which helps me to release the club. Cheers, Darren

Q. Hi Darren, always been a big fan. God Bless you for having the breast cancer logo on your site. My wife had breast cancer and thankfully came through, so far so good. I bought some Nike Air max tennis shoes with the logo and pink souls. God Bless you Darren. Good luck with Ryder Cup 2016! Will be rooting for you guys. David.

David Curtis

A. Hi David, thank so much for the message and how lovely to read your wife's story is a happy one. Am really looking forward to the Ryder Cup and thanks for your support. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, I saw a photo of you at The U S Open and the shoes you were wearing had 11 cleats .I am fascinated as I have never seen a shoe like that . Could you please let me know the make and style. Best regards for the future, Rory

Rory Mooney

A. Hi Rory, the shoes I was wearing are made by Royal Albartross and the style was one of The Connoisseur Range. They're a great shoe, comfortable and look fantastic. All the best, DC.

Q. Hi Darren congratulations on the Ryder Cup Captaincy, can't wait and couldn't of picked a better man for the job! I kept saying during the last couple of Ryder Cups "when is Darren going to be captain". I think we have some other great guys in contention for captaincy in the coming years aswell! I am also thinking of buying an R15 TPdriver and wondered what the best way of finding the perfect shaft is, would it be best to try and find a centre where I can get expert advice?


A. Hi Joe, many thanks for the mail and I'm very much looking forward to the captaincy, although the role has already started in earnest with lots of planning going on. Great choice on the driver and the best way to find the shaft that suits you best is to go and try them at your local centre. Cheers, Darren

Q. Hi Darren, congratulations on your Ryder cup captaincy, couldn't think of a more apt appointment. All the best !!

Malcolm Booth

Q. I have just watched the highlights of your 2011 Open win. Still so impressive and uplifting as when I watched it live.

Dave Rutnam

Q. Darren Will you be switching to the new RSI TP irons this year. My appologies if you have already done so.

David Whales

A. Hi David, I have already done so and think they're fantastic! All the best, Darren.

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